Board of Directors


Assistant Commandent General in Chief Tamilnadu Home Guards


Education should strive at providing its students with a world class 'Holistic Education' by nurturing self-confidence, self-discipline, lateral thinking, reasoning ability, ethics and moral values, which will inculcate in them an enduring love of knowledge, a passion for learning and a sense of self-empowerment. Education helps one to decide the path to be taken, choose the action to be accomplished and free oneself from all blind determinism, so that nothing is allowed to intervene in the course of one's life but the highest will, the truest knowledge, the supra-mental consciousness.

Mr.S.Hari Arumugam

Executive Director


Vedanta Academy is based on the Multiple Intelligence mode and Holistic Education, which believes that each child is differently endowed and all individuals should follow their dreams with utmost hopes. Apart from fostering aptitudes, the school recognizes the needs of every individual - that need to be fostered in him/her, in order to be successful in life. Vedanta gives due importance to the nurturing of reasoning skills, numerical abilities, linguistic skills, critical, creative, original and divergent thinking in all its students, irrespective of their talents.

Mr.Om Saravanan

Executive Director and Correspondent


Vedanta provides a personalized approach in which each student discovers the joy of learning, sharing and love of knowledge. This new environment awaits the absorbent mind of the child to provide a new experience. We aim to help the child in many ways by helping them pursue their individual interests so that they gain enthusiasm for learning, which is the key to becoming a truly educated person. We strongly feels that leisure; recreation, games and extra-curricular activities are essential things to rejuvenate the energy of the students and therefore opportunity to express skills, talents and creativity in different fields of their interest.

Mr.S.Natarajan, M.A., M.Ed.,

Secretary Vedanta Academy

Consultant – Stanes Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School

Retired Principal I/C - Stanes Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School

TN Govt. Best Teacher Awardee


“To Explore tested tenets of teaching in the journey of education towards quality learning Enrichment and Exposure towards Holistic Education.” Vedanta helps to generate exemplary academic tradition to stretch every learning opportunity in shaping our students’ future through high quality, values enriched teaching and learning. To make suitable changes in the PHYSICAL, MENTAL, INTELLECTUAL, EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL PERSONALITY of every child and to develop and elevate him to lead a higher degree of life enabling him to outdo and excel in his present nature and elevate.