House System at Vedanta

Fantasy has always enraptured children from all over the world and given rise to imagination and creativity that are the two basic necessities for a child today. Along these lines Houses have been named after Mythological creatures to ensure that children remember that imagination is as important part of character building and life in general. The House System aims at promoting team spirit, co-operation, loyalty, honesty, and integrity amongĀ  the scholars at Vedanta Academy.

Scared and immoral, the PHOENIX is commonly known to rise from its own ashes. Symbolizing rebirth and renewal Phoenix House also advocates the power to rise from the worst falls and be reborn through perseverance.

CENTAURS have been known for their agility as horses and their wisdom as humans co-existing in the same body and the House promotes both physical and mental strength in its students.

GRYPHON House combines the qualities of the lion and the eagle and the creature was thought to be extremely majestic and powerful. In antiquity the Gryphon was a symbol of divine power and guardian of the divine.

DRAGONS have been associated with fantasy and imagination from time immemorial. Often known for their sage advice and timeless wisdom, their sheer size and prowess is awe-inspiring.

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