Teaching Procedure

Prep-Upper Kindergarten :

Focus will be on communicative skills and basic etiquette. Children will also develop good writing skills and will be expected to have progressed to Cursive Writing by the end of UKG. Teaching will be through various real-life activities and focus will be on group participation and interaction to facilitate socializing. There will be no homework except hand writing practice for continuity.

Grades 1 and 2 :

An activity-based and visual syllabus will be followed where learning will occur through doing. Communicative skills will be emphasized through dramatization of lessons and puppet shows. Touch and perception will be developed through field trips and observatory tasks. There will be no homework but children will be expected to involve themselves in a daily developmental activity like ‘see and tell’, ‘observe and share’, ‘communicate and report’ etc…

Grades 3, 4 and 5 :

Children will follow a task-based syllabus where each lesson will be understood by performing a variety of tasks associated with it. Although group participation will continue to be emphasized, children will be encouraged to branch into individualized work performances. Communicative skills will be focused on with emphasis on pronunciation and accent. Industrial visits and field trips will be promoted with maintenance of logs and records. Creative Writing skills will be developed through workshops and each class will follow a specially designed reading program. Students will follow a home-learning schedule where educational programs, journals etc., will be reviewed.

Grades 6 and 7 :

A research-oriented methodology will be followed for Grade 6 onwards. Students will discover the meaning of the lesson through strategic guidance by the teacher, and learn to critically analyze and evaluate content while moving forward into research connected to the textbook data. Stress, intonation, and accent will be improved upon to upgrade communication skills. Industrial visits and educational tours will be organized to promote cultural awareness and further expand knowledge horizons. Students will follow a home-research schedule wherein connected areas of interest will be expanded on to promote learning that is beyond the classroom. Creative Writing skills will be honed through workshops and a special Reading Program will be followed.

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