Principal's Message

Principal's message

Dear Students, Parents and Staff

Warm Greetings!

Welcome to the school year 2016-17, as we move ahead with exuberant energy and constructive learning with the talented team, I strongly believe that, Education is not the filling of a pail but igniting the spark in oneself. True education is a blend of agrarian revolution, the industrial revolution and now the electronic revolution by bringing in forward the best of traditional intellectual linear culture in students. As we look into, there is a need to acknowledge and prepare students for a technologically driven global economy. As Mark said "Education is to prepare them for the market that doesn't exist". So, the Education should transform to a morally right thing with the 21st century. Today, we stand in a new era of education with a global curriculum we are into incorporating the 4C'S namely Collaboration, Creativity, Communication and Critical thinking in to the learning teaching methods to meet the challenges of the global perspective in the education. Wishing Vedanta family a great year ahead.