Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations

  1. Irregularity in attendance, unexplained absences, late coming, inappropriate behavior, and disobedience of rules and regulations may lead to a student being suspended from school. Repeated offences of the kind mentioned above may lead to student being expelled from the school.
  2. Damaged or destroyed school property will have to be replaced and a fine will also be levied.
  3. Every child must compulsorily carry the school diary to school every day, If lost, a new diary must be purchased from the school office.
  4. Only parents/guardians are allowed to meet the teachers every Friday after 3:00 pm by prior appointment only. Kindly send a note through the diary and you will receive a slip signed by the Principal stating your time-slot.
  5. Parents/visitors may meet the Principal on any working day between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm after prior fixing of an appointment with the office. However, special requests for change in timings may be made and will be looked into.
  6. Parents are strictly requested not to contact the Principal either in person or over phone at her residence.
  7. Parental attendance at all term-end PTMs (September, December, March) are compulsory. Parents will not be able to view and sign their ward(s) report cards otherwise. Answer scripts will be sent home. If a parent has not attended all the campus days in a year the results of the student will be withheld and that student must be withdrawn from the school.
  8. The Adult Identification Card must be carried by the student at all times and be produced whenever the security asks. No person, other than those whose photographs exist on the card, will be permitted to pick up the child from school.
  9. No leave or absence will be granted for part or half of a working day except in very special cases. In such cases permission may be obtained only from the Principal when a requisition letter is provided by the parent or if the child is found sick. A gate-pass must be obtained from the office bearing the Principal’s signature and the Adult Identification Card must be produced at the main gate.
  10. Attendance on Republic Day and Independence Day is compulsory and absence on these National Days without prior approval may invite disciplinary action.
  11. Absentees on rejoining school must provide a letter from the parents explaining the need for the absence and should be supported by a Medical Certificate in case of illness.
  12. Students suffering from contagious/infectious diseases will not be allowed to attend school. In such cases the student should avail the required recuperation time as assessed by the doctor and specified on the Medical Certificate.
  13. Certificate and documents required by the parents for any purpose will be given to the parents after three days of written requisition.
  14. Changes of bus routes during an academic year must be informed well in advance to the Principal in writing. If the shift is to a route already in existence the request will be considered but new routes will be scheduled only at the beginning of the next academic year. Bus fees will not be refunded in the middle of an academic year.
  15. In case of unavoidable circumstances like a breakdown or diversion of traffic, parents must make their own arrangements to drop and pick up their children.
  16. Parents are requested not to send their children with expensive ornaments, watches, or other electronic gadgets to school and the school will not be responsible for the loss of these items on the school premises.
  17. No student will be exempted from physical exercises and games without a medical certificate.
  18. Physical violence with classmates, juniors inside or outside the school campus will not be condoned.
  19. Any student found to have taken another student’s belongings will face automatic suspension.
  20. Students whose behaviour is found to be objectionable outside the school will be liable to face disciplinary action. On the way to and from school students are expected to behave with discipline and uphold the name of the school.
  21. Parents/guardians are requested not to meet their children during school hours without prior permission from the Principal. The corridor/lobby is out of bounds for parents/guardians during school hours unless an appointment has been made with the Principal/Correspondent.
  22. Parents should ensure that their ward(s) rejoin(s) school on the reopening date after a long holiday.
  23. Any change of permanent/residential address should be immediately notified to the Public Relations Officer.
  24. Food and snacks should not be brought by students unless permission has been granted by the Principal in special cases.
  25. Parents are requested to check their ward(s) yearbook every day.
  26. Grievances if any should be made only to the Correspondent/Principal and not to the teachers.
  27. Use of mobile phones by students is strictly prohibited and if a student if found with a mobile phone the same shall be immediately confiscated by the office.
  28. Students must converse only in English within the campus with the exception of II Language and III Language periods.