Educational Philosophy

1. All students can learn, and each is a unique individual with equal potential to make a positive contribution to our school community.

2. It is important that children develop a love for lifelong learning along with the skills necessary to prepare for future challenges and changes.

3. Our students must develop the skills and understanding that will help them to contribute responsibly to the global community.

4. Physical activity, a healthy diet, and well-structured co-scholastic curriculum are important for a healthy lifestyle.

5. Self-expression is essential and is promoted through aesthetic appreciation.

We support our philosophy through:

1. High standards of academic excellence.

2. A student-centric teaching-learning process.

3. A comprehensive and varied curriculum structured on the CBSE syllabus.

4. A task-based approach to learning and understanding through the development of social, emotional, critical, and creative thinking skills.

5. A Continuous and Comprehensive system of Evaluation based on the CBSE structure.

6. Focus on Life Skills as the basis of all education.

7. Nurturing in students a love for learning through stress-free classrooms.

8. An inculcation of a curriculum that promotes viewing things from a world-wide perspective.

9. Promoting among students the spirit of healthy competition.

10. Ensuring that students are aware of and respect the environment they live in by facilitating clubs like the Eco Club, Health and Wellness Club, Heritage and Integrity Club etc.

11. Promoting aesthetic appreciation by inculcating art, music, dance, and drama into the curriculum.

12. Teaching the principles associated with healthy living, and encouraging participation in physical activity.