Educational Philosophy 

 We support our philosophy through

High standards of
Academic Excellence.

A student-centric
teaching-learning process.

A comprehensive and varied curriculum structured on the NCERT/CBSE curriculum.

A task-based approach to learning and understanding through the development of social, emotional, critical, and creative thinking skills

A Continuous and
Comprehensive system of Evaluation based on the CBSE structure.

International curriculums
(such as Trinity & Cambridge)
to support the basic structure.

Teaching Methods

Prep-Upper Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten program is called Ananta. The word Ananta means limitless, which in our context refers to a child’s potential that we help them tap into. It also points to the limitless sea of knowledge that we help them dip their toes into in their formative years.

As part of Ananta, we do not focus entirely on writing or homework. Children learn through interaction & hands on learning, where we stay away from blackboard teaching & learning.

At such a tender age, children need a good amount of oxygen to reach their brain and we facilitate this by including ample cardio activities.

At Ananta, we follow the system of Learnscape. Learnscape write up: Purni Krishnakumar is a special educationist psychologist and educational consultant with over two decades of experience in working with hundreds of children, parents and teachers. She has devised and developed the successful English language and learning program.

“Learnscape” which has been implemented in dozens of schools, she is a well known consultant at number of leading institutions in Coimbatore and other cities.

Purni Krishnakumar is a Government – recognized assessor and certifier for children with learning difficulties. She is a certfied trainer in the Mediated Learning program which teaches children higher thinking skills. She conducts workshops on numerous child-related issues.

She is also the co-founder of the samskriya Educational Foundation which works works with under privileged children.

 We encourage children to question everything around them.

 Our children are voracious readers who love reading, and by UKG, our children are able to read complete sentences.

Grades 1 and 2

Grades 1 & 2, being an extension of kindergarten, requires a similar hand holding method. Hence forth, we follow the “mother teacher” system where the child feels safe and nurtured.

Concepts of English are taught through the Learnscape system, mentored by Ms. Poorni Krishna Kumar (require credentials). Ms. Poorni Krishna Kumar is a child psychologist & special educationalist for early childhood for over 30 years. After personally working with and studying children, she eventually concluded that the problem primarily lies with the wrong teaching methodologies in schools. As a result of spending several years working on this, she has devised a methodology of teaching English & math which we follow in our primary grades.

Children learn entirely with nature, math, STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) & practice labs which is supported by interactive online curriculum for further aid.

Handwork such as knitting, carpentry, art, origami etc. are followed to enhance fine motor skills. Activities such as swimming, minor games, karate & yoga are followed to enhance gross motor skills.

Theatre is a compulsory subject where children at a very young age learn to present, perform boldly with no stage fright and also enhance their language in the process.

We inculcate the habit of reading as a strong enforcement on our children (Oxford Reading Program).

We use songs & music as learning devices to teach mundane,yet important concepts to our children, while choir (singing)is optional robotics -optional.

Above all, the child’s emotional health is of utmost importance. Therefore, our school counselor observes keenly & assesses children with the sole purpose of building better emotional strength & values which is facilitated through one-to-one child observation & interaction during parent teacher meetings (I CAN’s).

I CAN’s are our parent teacher meetings / open days which are one-to-one sessions with the parent in the presence of the child.

Children are assessed & reported on the card based on the following:
Academic skills | Social skills | Emotional Skills


Grades 3, 4 and 5

Grades 3,4 & 5 are an extension of what children are introduced to & follow in grades 1 & 2. The only difference being the children gradually move from the “mother teacher”system to “individual subject teacher” system.
An additional aspect to grade 3,4 & 5 would be our extended Oxford reading program.

Grades 6,7 and 8

We purely follow CBSE guidelines & NCERT learning outcomes grade 6 onwards. Focus gradually shifts towards academics, while simultaneously enhancing the child’s physical development.

Additional focus is given to develop:

-Critical & Logical thinking
-Lab skills
-Language development through MUN (Model United Nations) & Trinity Communication programme (International certification)

To ensure children fall into healthy values at this age particularly, regular value & psychology classes are held which we aptly call,“Recipes to a happy life” course.

Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12

We continue to strictly follow CBSE guidelines in all our preparation & evaluation processes. Our focus during these years are to ensure concept clarity and provide relevant training to ensure our children excel & score good marks.

We bring in trained & experienced guest faculties from all over India to train our children.

We also conduct cross-examinations within our branches & other schools to prepare our students for major examinations.

We provide national & International career counselling and aid our children for the respective examinations. (Mr. Victor _ (need credentials & full name) ensures our students are well informed and aware of the opportunities available.)

We also prepare our students for the NEET examinations (grade 6 onwards & crash course post grade 12)

Grade 10 :


Tamil / Hindi

(2nd Language)





Information Technology

Grade 11 & 12 :

Group 1 :


Biology /

Computer Science




Group 2 :


Biology /

Computer Science




Group 3 :








Group 4 :








Special Programs


Drama/ Theatre is a teaching method, which allow students to explore the curriculum
using several of Gardener’s multiple intelligences. The body, mind and emotions are
extremely active when they become engrossed in the drama/ theatre activities.

Our theatre activities develop the following skills among the students:

  • Communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Organizational skills
  • Mime
  • Role play
  • Simulation
  • Voice control/modulation
  • Performing as per script
  • Performing in front of camera
  • Create characters, understand them and perform them realistically
  • Work as part of the team

Vedanta Academy provides lot of emphasis on developing an effective and impeccable.

English communication skill of our students.

Special Reading skill development programme.

Proven multiple reading resources to develop all sub skills of reading.

Special conversation cards/ reading cards.

A dedicated you tube channel to provide quality learning materials to develop language


STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) –
In House STEM Lab:

Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths are not just transforming the way inwhich we work but they affect and impact every aspect of our lives and the world. We cover Robotics ,Coding, IOT, 3D Printing, Machine Learning AI. Established in 2012, STEMians is an innovative and ingenious EdTech startup company in Coimbatore with the novel vision of providing the education the world demands. We as a team understand the importance of STEM education in today’s fast-paced world and the role it plays in everyday life. Which is why our focus is to spread it to all schools and educational institutions- because children shape tomorrow’s future! Training kids on this integrated stream has been a full time schedule as it is a part of the student’s curriculum. Successful in training more than 7000 kids on STEM is our success as a team. The very most motive of STEMians is to be a hand to lead the future to the right path.


The USP of the Vedanta Academy is the huge green cover and eco friendly environment.

  • More than 400 indigenous and fruit bearing trees.
  • An excellent rain water harvesting system
  • A big traditional well which caters to the need of the entire campus
  • Solar power driven lamps
  • In house ‘goshala’ that supplies pure milk to students.

Carnegic speech company is a premier developer of software for assessing and
teaching spoken language skills, licensed from carnegic Melbon University – USA. It is
a Research based Instruction with a

  • Patented Pin pointing technology
  • Native language adoptive and
  • Objective assessment and reporting

Co curricular
Regular Activities

* a standardized curriculum for students who aspire to take up fine arts or architecture

Special Activities

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+91 9600989081 | +91 9566674713

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